FILM: The Streng Bros. | Modernist Pioneers of the Sacramento Valley

This short film (~9 mins) was Directed by D L Stern of Roux-Ga-Roux Pictures.

Originally airing at the "2019 Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour - 60 Years of Streng Bros. Homes", the film features an interview with Jim Streng, and weaves archival material and contemporary photography to tell the story of chance encounters and Carter Sparks' magic behind our beloved "Native Moderns" - Streng Bros. Homes.

Archival material provided by Steve Streng, Jim & Mary-Jo Streng, Karmen and Bill Streng, Jennifer Sparks, Dodi Sparks, Marty Arbunich and Gretchen Steinberg

With production by D L Stern, Robert Maurer, Glen Warren, Travis Pacheco and Justin Wood.


From the book, Native Oaks : Our Valley Heritage, photo by S. Kolb

"Another good example of a responsible developer (The Streng Brothers) who designed this subdivision to provide protection for these oaks with innovative use of a native plant mini-park, thus no summer watering, around theses trees."

In 1976, the Streng Brothers River College Square development (located by American River College) was recognized for it's sympathethic design around the majestic Valley Oaks on the property. In one instance, a stately oak forms an island in the street. In another, an entire corner lot was reserved for a magnificent tree. In all, the presence of these trees ground the neighborhood and add years of maturity to it.


A 2019 candid snapshot of Jim Streng in between filming of "The Streng Bros | Modernist Pioneers of the Sacramento Valley.

PHOTO : FIRST HOME BUILT by the Streng Bros. 1957

From BIASC Magazine, November 1982.  A feature on the Streng Brothers and their first development, Evergreen Estates.

The caption reads "Gayle Nolasco and Gwen Crader, daughters of David and Georgene Bowen, relax with the Bowen grandchildren, Lance Nolasco and Rene Crader, in the living room of the first home built by Streng Bros. in 1957. Gayle and Gwen grew up in this home still owned by their parents."