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bill AND JIM STRENG - Builders

Brothers Bill and Jim Streng, working primarily with architect Carter Sparks, built over 3,800 homes in the greater Sacramento area over a 30 year period.

The predominately modern homes were extremely popular with educators, lawyers, and especially architects. Featuring exposed beams, walls of glass, and high ceilings, most of the homes were sold before they were built and located in approximately 40 subdivisions and on individual lots. Some Streng subdivisions included more affordable half-plex models along with their single detached counterparts. 

With their partnership with Carter Sparks, the Streng Bros. brought a modernist vision to the Sacramento region that is both admired and coveted to this day. 


While the Streng Bros. built the homes, UC Berkeley graduate, Carter Sparks designed most of the Streng homes around the Sacramento region. Having trained with Eichler architects Ashen and Allen, Sparks established himself  in Sacramento to  mainly focus on custom homes for clients.

Although there are exceptional custom Carter Sparks homes throughout the valley, his best known homes are the mass produced ones, such as the popular Atrium and the contemporary "Carter Classic" models, he designed for Streng Bros. Homes. ​​